Clary-Glenn Funeral Home
Clary-Glenn Funeral Home was founded on the principle of providing the finest, caring funeral services dating back to 1931. We pledge to continue to build the firms on this premise.

To The Families

Our first responsibility is meeting the needs of the families we serve. We pledge to provide the highest quality of care and service combined with the finest facilities and products, all at a fair price. We believe that the our family's satisfaction determines our future.

To Society

Clary-Glenn Funeral Home does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, sex, national origin or disability as it relates to the families we serve and to our employees. We pledge to maintain the highest ethical standards and obey all laws and regulations. We also pledge to be ever sensitive to the changing needs of our communities, always providing dignified service to anyone regardless of their financial ability.

To The Environment

We pledge to be a good neighbor, striving to protect and preserve the environment. Whenever possible we will take part in recycling programs. We operate our funeral homes in a safe and dignified manner, always being aware of the families trust in us. All bio-hazard waste will be disposed of through our professional waste systems.

To Our People

We will offer leadership that provides a clear vision of the future for all our employees. We expect our people to maximize their potential, strive to perform to their highest level, and always keep the interest of the families first and foremost. We will provide safe, productive work environment in which each person will be treated as an individual with fairness, dignity and respect. We will establish clear performance objectives for each person and will recognize and reward creativity, individual initiative and superior achievement. We believe that teamwork and cooperation is essential for our future.

Pre-Need Planning

What is pre-need planning? Why pre-need planning? How to make arrangements? See also the pre-need page.

Prearranging Makes Sense

Concerned and thoughtful people are arranging for their own funeral and cemetery needs. Families who plan ahead realize the importance of this step and how much easier it will be for everyone concerned when death becomes a reality.

You can be assured

Best of all is the security behind our plans. They are backed by the Clary-Glenn staff and their tradition of caring in funeral service that dates back to 1931. And our plans are regulated and audited by the State Insurance Commissioner's Office and the State Controller's Office.

To Plan Ahead is to Care

Most people find that pre-arrangement gives them peace of mind, because they have taken the initiative to spare their families these responsibilities and often disturbing tasks. By making your pre-arrangements today, you also make sure that spiraling inflation will never increase the cost. Your pre-funded arrangements allow your life insurance benefits to assist your survivors with living expenses for the future. Your funeral cost won't be taken from their income. It's really a matter of thoughtfulness as well as providing sound financial management.

How Do I Make Arrangements in Advance?

We can assist you in completing all the details of pre-arrangement. Just one phone call to (850) 892-2511 puts you in contact with our pre-planning office. All your pre-arrangement plans are then kept on file, which will eliminate much of the emotional and upsetting decision-making at the time of need. Your Funeral Directors at Clary-Glenn Funeral Homes always stand ready to assist in coordination and following through with your wishes.

Funeral arrangements may be made in advance by walking in or calling (850) 892-2511 or (850) 892-2821

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